The American Baseball Legion (ABL) started with the OOTP 18 rosters. While we have a great combination of veteran General Managers as well as new faces to the online part of the game, we are always looking for dedicated GM's who want to be part of something special in an online league. We are very excited about the future of the ABL.

Obviously with the MLB rosters in OOTP18, the plan is to emulate Major League Baseball, but with a few subtle twists:

  • DH added to the NL (both leagues use the DH)
  • Trading of draft picks
  • We have relocated one franchise (The Tampa Bay Rays could not secure a new stadium agreement in Tampa/St. Pete, so they moved cross-country and across the border to now be known as the Vancouver Mounties)


While first and foremost we want this to be a smooth-running, consistently challenging league, there may be a few more plans in the works for the future. That, in turn, would likely prompt some minor realignment of the existing divisions. Our first priority however, is to have a solid league and solid group of GM's with just enough "house rules" to aid OOTP in an online environment and to let the game and GM's do the rest!

Baseball is filled with history and names etched in the minds of every sports fan since childhood. Ruth, Williams, Mantle, Cobb, Robinson, Young were followed by Rose, Henderson, Bonds, McGwire, Clemens, Ryan, and Maddux, to name but a few.

Now it's time for new players to become legends. We're excited to enter the new era of baseball with amazing hitters like Trout, Harper, and Betts and the pitching of Kershaw, Sale, Syndergaard, and Scherzer. Welcome to ABL!